Water Leaf is a green leafy vegetable (Talinum Triangulare) grown in Nigeria. It is one of those green vegetables that grow all year round but flourishes more in the raining season. Water Leaf is originally from West Africa but have since spread to other parts of the world, like Asia South and America.

As it is called, Water Leaf has high moisture contents leaf, it tends to be sticky when cut, this is due to it’s high Pectin content that supplies the dietary fibre. Water Leaf is known to survive sun,excessive heat and draught. Gbure is what the Yoruba people call it, while the Edo people call it Ebedondon.

Water Leaf is an excellent immune booster for anyone who suffers from tiredness, weakness and malaria. Water Leaf is very delicious when used to make a sauce especially soup. So in this post I am going to show you how I made Water Leaf Soup.


  • A bowl of fresh Water leaves.
  • A bowl of blended sweet peppers and scotch bonnets.
  • Grilled chicken, mackerel, cow intestine and beef.
  • 2 knorr cubes
  • Salt
  • Grinded crayfish
  • Palm oil
  • Meat stock.
  • Smoked catfish


Pick out Water Leaf stem and wash thoroughly 3 times under running tape. When clean, making sure no sand or dirt is left, boil one cup of water in a pot and add in washed Water Leaf to boil for just 2 minutes. This is to get rid of the salty taste it has and to remove any leftover dirt.


After boiling for 2 minutes, drain out any excess water with a sieve and keep aside. Now pour into a hot pot one quarter of a cup of palm oil and let it run for just 2 minutes as we are not actually frying. After 2 minutes add blended sweet peppers and scotch bonnets in palm oil and stir, leave to cook for 7 minutes before adding salt,crayfish and knorr cubes. 2-3 minutes later, add in your choice of meat and fish and allow to cook for another 3 minutes.


After cooking for 3 minutes, then check for salt and other seasonings. Check to make sure Water Leaf is completely drained of excess water, this is because it produces excess water itself, so we don’t want our soup running of excess water. If okay, add Water Leaf into cooking pepper sauce and stir well to distribute vegetable all around the pot.


As I have already boiled the vegetable before, the cooking the time left to cook is just 2-4 minutes. Cover to allow them simmer together for few minutes, then Water Leaf Soup is cooked and ready to eat.

This is actually one of the ways I know how to cook this soup as I know two ways of cooking it. Do let me know how you cook your Water Leaf soup in the comments session


What swallow goes best with your soup? I reckon a hot plate of Eba will do just right with this soup. Anyway, this is a plate I have fixed for myself 😀. Here’s a video from my YouTube channel showing you how I made this delicious and mouthwatering soup.

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