Garden egg is an egg plant used as a food crop in African countries. It is a very important crop in many African countries and is indigenous to sub-Sahara Africa. Do you know that in Ghana, garden egg is one of the three most consumed vegetables along with tomatoes and pepper.

Garden egg stew or sauce is very easy to make and can be prepared in few different ways. Here is one of the simple way I prepare it.


  • A bowl of garden eggs. Aubergine can serve as substitute.
  • 1 full sliced or chopped onion
  • Pepper (ata rodo)
  • Beef or any meat of your choice.
  • Seasoning cube (Knorr)
  • Crayfish
  • Salt
  • Vegetable oil or palm oil
  • Half a teaspoon of curry


Rinse and place garden eggs and pepper (ata rodo) together in already boiling pot. Cook for 5-7 minutes or until soft.





Carefully drain the leftover water from boiling your garden eggs and pepper, add running cold water from the tap then remove the outer peeling on the garden eggs, removing the peeling is totally optional.

Place cleaned garden eggs and pepper in a bowl or in a mini mortar and with a pestle, a glass cup or whatever you have that can march it, pound to a paste or desired texture .



After marching or pounding to desired texture, heat up a pot and begin to fry your chopped or sliced onion and pepper . Stir fry with seasoning cube, curry and crayfish.


I always cook my garden eggs with fresh ugwu (pumpkin leaves).  It adds more colour, makes the sauce richer and nutritious.


After frying my onion for 2 minutes then I add ugwu leaves to cook for another 5 minutes because it needs time to soften having in mind that the garden eggs are already cooked.


Everything is already in this pot. I usually cook my garden egg sauce with leftover cooked meat or fish in my fridge, so I don’t need to cook my meat from scratch. When everything is in as you can see in the picture above, stir together and allow to simmer for 3 minutes then your sauce is ready



This sauce can be eaten with boiled yam or plantain.  I heard some people eat it with rice too.

There are different ways you can prepare this recipe. How do you like to prepare yours? I will love to read your ideal way of making garden egg sauce, drop your comments in the box below.

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