I have tried a couple of different smoothie recipes since I started shedding my postnatal weight gain. A friend who recently had a baby and also in the weight loss journey with me actually recommended this smoothie recipe.



So here in this bowl, is a combination of Greek style yogurt, fresh banana, avocado and a tiny drop of water.

This smoothie recipe has become my favorite recently, at least for now . I said for now because majority of fruits come out well (delicious) when blended. Few reasons I love this smoothie and why you should try it, is because




  • It is thick and creamy, so it fills up quickly. For those weight watchers like me, this is one good smoothie you should embrace and keep. When I have a bowl in the morning, it keeps me full till about 4 to 5pm before I have my dinner. It stops me from those unhealthy snacks.


  • It is very easy to make. A piece of banana, 1 half of avocado or the whole lot, half a cup of Greek style yogurt, I recomend (Brooklea), a tiny drop of water or few slices of cucumber as it is watery, so it can serve as water. Strawberry adds more colour and that distinct taste to your bowl.


  • It is a very healthy smoothie option as almost all the ingredients are fruits. The natural yogurt itself contains no fat, low sodium and low saturated fat, giving you peace of mind.


  • It is a cheap breakfast. You can get Brooklea Greek Style Yogurt for £0.65 at Aldi’s supermarket, their price is the cheapest.




Tell me what your favourite fruits are for smoothie or you can try this recipe.

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