As in the name (ripe plantain) It is basically unripe plantain left to ripen. When ripe, it is either boiled or fried but majority of people like to fry it because it taste more delicious .

It is mainly an African delicacy, mostly eaten almost everyday. Big banana as some Nigerian children here in the UK like to call it. Dodo is fried ripe plantain, it has a sweet taste just like banana.


Over here, it is mostly eaten by Africans. Now, people from other countries like the British, Americans and some Europeans also enjoy this delicacy.  Dodo is very popular in African party dishes and everyone seems to enjoy it.

It is one of the most easiest food to prepare with little or no ingredients depending on how you like yours. All you need is a bunch of ripe plantains, a dip fryer or pan and vegetable oil.


  • Place on heat about 2 cups of vegetable oil in a dry pan.
  • Run cold water over ripe plantain to remove sand and dirt.
  • Gently take off plantain peeling with a knife.
  • Cut plantain into desired size and shape.
  • Gently and carefully place each piece in hot oil, spreading them all the pan. Make sure the oil covers the whole lot.
  • Fry both sides for about 3 minutes each.
  • When golden brown or desired texture, carefully take each piece out into an oil drainer.

Here we have our DODO!



How do you prepare yours and what do you like to have yours with?  I eat mine with beans mostly. Let me know in the comment section because I love to read from you.


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